A Place for Assistance and Counsel


Support for the Family

Marriage and children can always be counted on to come up with issues that require support from friends, family and the local community. Many religious institutions have found their members are often concerned people who are interested in assisting families in time of need, and they look forward to helping parents raise their children within the church. This type of support for the family is one of the many reasons to attend church on a regular basis, and it can be a good way to integrate into a new community when moving into a new area.

Food and clothing donations are very popular in many areas, and local religious institutions often have programs for their members to help collect and distribute these offerings. They generally count on a volunteer staff of congregants to organize the efforts, and youth groups are some of the most energetic participants. Helping families in need is done with the supportive network of people who find they have a calling to help others.

Counseling for families is provided by some religious institutions, but many of them actually try to avoid the need for it. They provide a host of programs for younger members, and parents are often encouraged to let their children attend on a regular basis. Their goal is to install in young children and teens the moral lessons provided by their religion, and they offer parents an opportunity to have some time of their own.

There are occasionally times when an entire family will need support, and many religious institutions do have several members who have experience organizing it when the need arises. If a family finds their home has burned down and they need help, the group will often be able to find them temporary housing, clothes and transportation. For families experiencing a grave loss or illness, food donations are often coordinated by the church members.