Barnabas Counseling Ministries

There are times when a Pastor or Minister needs counsel and encouragement just like those in his congregation or ministry. Marriage difficulties, stress, conflicts and depression are tools the enemy likes to use to reduce our effectiveness for the Lord. Barnabas Ministries is dedicated to giving the Pastor or Minister a place where he can receive counseling in a confidential and safe environment.

Barnabas Ministries is the fulfillment of a dream and a calling. For many years Dr. Carter served as a Senior Pastor and Counselor in New Jersey, Kentucky and Alabama. He always had a special place in his heart for those hurting in the Body of Christ, especially those in ministry. In 2003 Dr. Carter saw his dream of helping the hurting become reality when Barnabas Ministries was established.

Since that time Barnabas Ministries has been dedicated to helping the hurting through counseling, mediation, training and the production of materials designed to strengthen and encourage the Body of Christ.